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How the design came about

I have been a self taught cake maker for over 13 years and have made thousands of cakes and over 700 wedding cakes. Over the years I have come to realise that the best way to display any cake is with the use of stand and it has become quite an obsession of mine, I have quite a collection and hire them out all the time

A few years back I received an order for large wedding cake and they requested to have their cake sat on a large bed of silk flowers . The only way I could think about how to do this was to purchase a large round polystyrene dummy and stick flowers round it . Initially I pushed the flowers in with the stems, but they kept coming out, so I spent hours gluing them on . This looked great and the bride was over the moon. I put this on display in my showroom and the next bride I had requested to hire the stand, but in a different colour.

I started to change the flowers but the dummy started to fall apart. I had to buy another dummy and did the same as before. Afterwards I started thinking of a possible  way a stand could be made out of a reusable  material and changed the shape giving it sloping sides as if it was a tier cake . I drew it out putting holes in where the flowers could go through, making it interchangeable . I approached a local company in the West Midlands with my design. Instantly they thought it was a great idea and made me a prototype out of acrylic. I have been using to hire to all my brides and didn’t know what to do or how to get it out there until I approached a large company who immediately wanted to buy and market it

Since then it has  been made out of a stronger material called Polyethylene terephthalate glycol (PETG) for short , making the stand even more strong & durable. It has been tested to withstand a cake up to 75kg . The flowers are interchangeable in minutes, can be used over and over again, no need to use polystyrene dummies anymore, it elevates the cake, gives the illusion it is part of the cake, saves you and your customer money from having to buy or make extra tiers, makes it look beautiful, gives the cake a spectacular and grandeur look and most importantly can be hired out returning your investment in no time and is food safe .

This is a new design and first of its kind on the market . It can be used by anyone but particularly cake makers , events planners , venues and shops for display. I have even named it after my beautiful granddaughter Azahara, who named means orange blossom in Spanish , which is so relevant to the stand being all about flowers

I am so excited to be able to present this to you and since  designing this amazing stand , I am ready to drive it forward with new ideas which will be launched very soon.

Much love & thank you for your continued support,

Julz xx

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