Ganache plates EVEN and ODDS Square set


My new space saving ganache poppin plates are the first of their kind to be launched . I know you are thinking why are they so different ? Let me explain to you how and why .

How the idea was born

As you are aware to buy a set of ganache plates from 3 to 14 inches you would need to purchase 24 plates . These take up a lot of space and really are a pain to store. I don’t know about you, but I love how ganache plates help you create straight sides giving your cake that perfected look, but I find I have plates everywhere and they really get on my nerves.

One day I was having a clear out when I came across some old 45 records where the middle popped out. From that I came up with the idea of Poppin plates, and set out to create just one set of plates for evens and one for odds replacing the 24 with just 4. They comprise of two plates one for the top and one for the bottom of your cake that are cut into sizes etc up to 14.25 and the same for odd numbers and so when you want to use  the 6.25 for example you remove the outer discs and just keep the centre and 6.25 inch.  These were made and after trying them myself I decided to add two 5mm holes in each corner to the top and bottom plate to be able to place dowels through the cake giving extra support whilst smoothing your ganache or buttercream.It worked fantastic, but just had one issue with the plate at the bottom, that if it was not secured enough with ganache or buttercream they could come off, so it was then I decided to create a base plate/flipping plate that also has a 5mm hole in the centre. This would hold everything together by using one or two dowels through each plate top, bottom and the base plate , which would also be useful if you wanted to turn the cake over during the stage of ganaching or as an extra tool to be used if you want to flip your cake during the process of adding ganache using My new Elite scraper  and smoothing or creating sharp edges using The Big smoothie. The square plates come with two 5 mm holes in the corners of the centre plate to help hold you cake in place with the use of straws, cake pop sticks or dowels.

Not only will they help to create the perfect cake, they will save you time ,money and space, which we all know as a cake maker is problem . They can be stored flat using the base plate or even hung on the wall using the hole in the centre. They really are a fabulous edition to your tools , a MUST HAVE to create that perfect cake.

  • Please note the plates are clear, the pictures displayed are for illustration purposes enabling you to see the division of the plate sizes
  • Please wash in warm soapy water, NOT dishwasher safe
  • Food Safe
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